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Unleash Your Teen's Untapped Potential: Embark on a Journey to Self-Directed Learning Mastery – No Guilt, No Curriculum Required!

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Event Host: Coach Terry Travers

Coach Terry is the driving force behind Astrolabe Academy, a revolutionary national virtual high school and vibrant community dedicated to empowering teen students through learner-centered education. With over two decades of teaching and leadership expertise, she possesses an unwavering commitment to guiding teens through the labyrinth of educational anxiety.

Terry empathizes with the challenges today's youth face as they navigate their educational journeys, and firmly champions the idea that every teen can rekindle their passion for learning, regardless of their past struggles within the confines of traditional schooling.


Event Name: Busting The Myths Of Education
Event Date: 11/18/2023

Event Time: 9:30 AM EST

Event Location: West Palm Beach Library

West Palm Beach, FL
Event Host: Coach Terry Travers

Here's what you'll discover on this live event...

  • The Current State of Education and Busting the Myths

    • My story

      • How and why I became a champion for self-directed learning.

      • The challenges and victories I've encountered along the way

    • The current state of public schools and the consequences of conventional education.

    • Debunking common misconceptions.

  • Empowering Your Teen

    • Self-Directed Learning: The Basics.

      • What is self-directed learning?

      • Why is it important, and what does the research say?

      • Real-life examples and success stories.

  • Overcoming Obstacles: Making Self-Directed Learning Work

    • Addressing common challenges and misconceptions.

    • Practical strategies for implementing self-directed learning at home.

  • Practical Steps for Homeschooling Success

    • Homeschool registration and planning.

    • Deschooling and reconnecting with your child.

    • Providing tools and resources to engage your teen.

    • Supporting your teen as a mentor and guide.

    • Suggested activities and having fun.

"What People are Saying..."

Great Event!

"The information Coach Terry provided
was eye-opening and completely
changed the way I look at my daughter's education" -DL

Thank You for this!

"I love homeschooling my child, but was afraid to let go of the curriculum even though we fight over it almost every day and I hate it as much as he does. This gives me what I needed to move forward with him in the lead and helps relieve my fear of failing him." -Amy

Very Informative!

"My daughter is really struggling with anxiety in school and I had no idea how to help her. I can't tell you how grateful I am for this information." -BW

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Thank you for embarking on this exciting journey with me. Get ready to empower your teen, reconnect on a deeper level, and gain access to a treasure chest of resources for their success. Let's rewrite the education playbook and help your teen thrive! 🌟

With boundless appreciation, Your Educational Maverick,

Coach Terry



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